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Litchfield Family Dental is proud to serve the community of Litchfield and the surrounding area.  Our team is experienced and highly trained to provide you with comfort and excellence. When you trust us to serve your dental needs, you become part of our Litchfield dental family. We value all of our ongoing relationships with patients and take pride in working together to deliver high quality dental care for our friends and neighbors.

Litchfield Family Dental believes you are the best person to make decisions about your dental health. Dr. Abby Johnson & Dr. Ryan Swenson, together with their team, take time to educate you on your oral health enabling you to make informed choices regarding your personally directed care.

Now Offering Litchfield Family Dental Membership Plan

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All Membership plans include:

2 cleanings per year 

2 exams per year

Fluoride treatment 2 times per year

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