Pediatric Dental Care

Dr. Ryan Swenson’s 3 kiddos

We love taking care of your kids! 

Your child’s first exam is an important milestone, and we want to be there to help make a positive and memorable experience for your little ones. We know first hand how challenging it can be to work with your toddlers to brush their teeth, and want to share ideas and strategies to help make this process positive and effective.

Any time after your child’s first tooth comes in, we can perform an oral health screening, provide a fluoride varnish that does a great job at preventing decay, and establish a dental home. We’d love for you to find that dental home for your child.

Why are healthy baby teeth so important? 

Kids with cavities in their baby teeth are significantly more likely to have cavities in their adult teeth.

To chew crunchy, healthy foods.

To hold space in the mouth for permanent teeth that are growing under the gums.

When baby teeth are lost too soon, permanent teeth don’t have enough space and become crowded and crooked.

Cavities can be very painful for your child!


Expecting moms and their children need extra dental care